Rifa’i Love potions, to solve romance and all life problems

Minyak Pengasihan Rifa'i
Minyak Pengasihan Rifa'i untuk berbagai manfaat pengasihan

Trying  to solve your romance problems spiritually? And nothing works?
Your partner cheats on you? There’s a third person between you and your partner?
Having trouble finding friends and to get trust from others?
Stuck on your career and trying to get attention from your superior at work or business partner?
Are you finding it hard to get clients?
Or your business is too quiet and unprofitable?

Try our Minyak Pengasihan Rifa’i – Love Potions.  It has been proven and magically the smell will change according to your wish and condition.

Get your money back if it doesn’t work within 30 days.

!! We strongly forbid using Minyak Pengasihan Rifa’i – Love Potions just for fun !!

Minyak Pengasihan Rifa’i – Love Potions is proven to be used to charm people to love and like you. It can be used for your businesses. For romance purposes, it can ensure that your couple’s love is only for you. This potion can also be used to bring your cheating partner back to you and only love you.

We guarantee that it can boost your charm.

The Rifa’i Love potion has 4 functions that cover almost all aspects of your life:

  1. It makes people in your everyday life love and like you, and will make others want to help you pleasantly.
  2. For presentation purpose, make your audience like to hear, see and accept your presentation.
  3. To help your business places appear bright and welcoming. With better atmosphere, people will be attracted to come and buy or use your services.
  4. To bring your lover back to you and making sure that your problem is solved to the core, it may need some of their belongings to work, for example anything that have been touched by them, or stuffs like shirt or pants.

Rifa’i Love Potion is available in two types of level, the special one can react directly at any condition, day and night.

Regular level  price IDR 1.000.000,-

Special level price IDR 2.000.000,-

(All price in Indonesia Rupiah – IDR and will be converted to your current rate)

The process of potion making will take 10 days after payment is received.

The potion can be sent overseas via special shipment to ensure that the power will hold.

Prove it yourself!

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Q: What is the difference between the regular level and the special level?
A: The speed differs on how it affects someone. The regular level will take between 15-21 days to act, while the special level will take 5-7 days. Especially for the special level,  if touched by your subjects it will only take 20-30 minutes to get affected, this suits salesman worker who needs quick action on clients.

Q: What is the requirement for long distance subjects?
A: To work on someone who is far, the process will require any kind of object that he or she has touched or owned. It will be even better if the object is directly connected with the subject, for example hair, nail, clothes etc.

Q: Is there any special act to succeed?
A: Yes, to ensure and bring back your lover, a special act or rite will have to be done for 3 days between 10pm to 1am for atleast 10 minutes.

Q: Can I contact you directly should there be more questions?
A: Ofcourse, please don’t be hesitate to contact us.